You want to lay the foundations of a good video strategy in volume, we offer you turnkey solutions including consulting, production and distribution. You will then have a video content factory immediately operational!

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A set of videos designed to cover the topics according to the selected areas and to tease them.


Tours, produced, scenarized and adapted to your objectives, premium image.

Made by professionals taking into account your brand DNA.


Disseminated according to your strategy by integrating best practices.


Attractive rates

Customer Testimonial : Lulli on the Web


  • Introduce the concept and the product range
  • Show the network of shops
  • Develop online conversion and generate in-store visits
  • Develop a strategy of video content in volume to be present everywhere and at any time in its affinity context
  • Build a search engine indexing strategy (strategic queries on Google/Youtube and # on social networks ...) " and capture the long tail


  • Creation of 370 videos covering the entire funnel (discovery, consideration, decision, innovation and customer experience)
  • Provision of the Saas platform for :
    • Collaborate during the creation of the videos and manage the different versions in production until the final version is produced.
    • Storage, hosting and organization of content in a collaborative mode
    • Editing metadata by media
    • Planning of publications on the ecommerce site and social media
    • Manage call to action on videos with redirects to strategic pages
    • Performance analysis by media, campaigns, videos, tags...
    • Real-time campaign optimization (AB Testing)

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