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Everything you need to be present anywhere, anytime and in all contexts of video consumption of your audience!

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Take advantage of video in the #videofirst era

From a single location and independently, your teams can manage and customize their video content to play on all screens.

State-of-the-art technology

Thanks to Cloud technologies, a real mastery of social networking algorithms and video platforms and a next-generation player, we help companies regain control over their data and assets.

A collaborative approach

Do you have dedicated teams? Multiple departments using video? The VideoEngage tool adapts to new workflows, new organizations and new functions of employees and management in plug & play.

Customer Experience

Offer an optimal customer experience and an enriched and interactive communication to meet new expectations.

Data & connection ecosystem

Aggregate content and manage data, broadcast and data recovery of broadcast media & connected objects. Integrate the platform with your tools (CRM ...)

Vidmizer helps you in your projects thanks to the new "Video Project" module that allows you to store, manage and comment videos uploaded to the online platform in complete security.

Space dedicated to post-production

Video project management

Save time without skipping steps with the new Video Project feature. You can store, manage and comment the uploaded versions for a better follow-up of video projects up to the final version that can be transferred to the mediacenter in 1 click.

It is also possible to host documents that can be used for post-production work such as logo, graphic charter, scripts, important information.


Time saving75% time saving
Vidmizer, the platform that helps marketing professionals in their marketing strategy by putting video at the heart of their strategy

Centralized hosting

Good centralization and management of content in collaborative mode:

  • Multi-accounts, multi-users, multi-languages, with user rights management
  • Agile internal classification and filing with tags
  • Optimal search: latest generation search engine and by tags
  • Dynamic multi-criteria filtering and backup of custom filters and sorts
  • Archiving of old content and its history
  • Securing the video/photo heritage: source files...and all files (formats, thumbnails, subtitles...), especially encoded files (proposed by the auto-adaptive player to offer the best playback experience depending on the device and the user's connection speed).
  • Sharing: easy and secure access to the outside world
  • Retrieving content from external sources: edition in a few clicks of a public import form (e.g. UGC,...)
Vidmizer allows you to optimize the metadata of your videos

Editing and customization

Turn your videos into lead and data generating machines!

Vidmizer helps you to better understand your audience's expectations thanks to data capture (metadata customization)! You can also enrich your videos with metatags, call to action and overlay ...

Your metadata by distribution medium and format management 

Titles, descriptions, keywords, tags, keyword suggestion/trend tool, thumbnail addition, cropping, transcripts, subtitles, cropping, video resizing ...

Call To Action

Interact with your customers! With the Call To Action function integrated to your player you can create forms and redirection links.

Vidmizer helps you optimize your branding and video strategy by providing a next-generation player

The player

Better customer experience

A new generation player, HMTL 5, self-adaptive and customizable to provide the best user experience whatever the environment and the device from which the video is viewed (mobile, desktop, tablet), fast loading and efficient subtitles for optimal accessibility.

powerful SEO

The player is optimized in terms of SEO to allow the integration of all metadata to facilitate the response to search engine algorithms.

Calls to action

With a few clicks, you can add call to action (forms and redirection links) to optimize engagement and conversions. 

Keeping the attention

Without advertising and suggestions of other topics, avoids the escape of traffic and attention.

Worldwide distribution

CDNs anywhere in the world and scalable as needed for optimal distribution.

Vidmizer provides you on its platform, a module that allows you to create in a few clicks a flexible and powerful WebTV.

Supports in the image of your brand

Generate WebTV and/or portals (homepage / category-playlist-page / video page), photo/video gallery conducive to conversions!

Do you want to communicate on a specific topic? Create a unique environment for your in-house teams? Immerse your audience in the heart of your brand?

In a few clicks, you create a flexible and powerful WebTV to share simply through a link or to integrate into a site page.

It is also possible to make the videos downloadable by external parties (PR, journalists, distributors).

Vidmizer helps you to control the distribution of your videos on all media by automating the publications. Vidmizer allows you to increase the performance of your publications with just one click.

Rapid dissemination

Pilot your publications on all media (social networks, video platforms, websites) from a single point by automating publications and depublications in advance.

Increase the performance of your publications by updating them regularly and in 1 click.

A distribution adapted for each medium is the key to "be present everywhere, at any time in its affinity context and guided by the indexing strategies in search engines".

0%times more likely to move up in the first Google results


1100%more sharing on social media, more than any other type of content.
Vidmizer allows you to easily track the performance of your videos. A dashboard allows you to concatenate, filter and set up the indicators you want.

Performance analysis

What content has a positive impact on your audience?

Analytics allows you to centralize data, to have a quick access to the main KPIs, to have a global and consolidated view of the video activity and to be able to go down in granularity in the analysis (by publication medium, subject, country, video ...).

Displays, viewing, viewing duration, view rate, completion, number of interactions, engagement rate, engagement score, CTA ...

For all the company's business lines


Strengthen the power of your brand

Increase qualified traffic & engagement. Generate leads


Accelerate conversions

Targeted and personalized prospecting. Improve closing of business deals

Customer Relationship

Strengthen the bond & satisfaction

Provide customer service on video. More direct and human link with clients and explanatory power.

Internal communication

Mobilize your employees 

Inform & communicate, internal challenges, new activities, events


Develop your employer brand

Make the jobs known. Recruit the best candidates. Facilitate integration.


Train & develop skills

Train on arrival in the company. Develop employees' skills.

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