In 2016,

The observation was simple and remains more than ever topical, the video is now!Let's talk about it

  • None of the brands were satisfied with the solutions offered to produce and manage video content.

  • There was no solution that allowed a marketing professional to manage his videos in full automation without IT intervention.

  • No solution was able to address the complexity of editing and distributing video content and monitoring its performance centrally in an automated and secure manner.

  • No solution centralized all the functionalities to manage video simply and efficiently in a single tool with an intuitive and pleasant, state-of-the-art interface.

Who are we?

Vidmizer was born in 2016 to support the thousands of businesses and millions of users who need to deliver their videos across multiple environments with the utmost agility.

Created by Anne Gayat and Erwan Huhardeaux, both multi-entrepreneurs and digital professionals for 20 years, Vidmizer transforms the video production and distribution process to make it agile by taking into account multiple formats, complex environments, and user behavior from the design stage.

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Our Team

Experts in Digital, Social and Video Marketing

A shared vision

The future is in video, its good diffusion and its good use thanks to video.

With the same objective

Bringing the same experience to our customers and our customers' customers

The founders

Experts in digital, social and video marketing

Among the founders: Anne Gayat - Graduated in international business and eco-sciences, Anne is an expert in digital, social and video marketing and has developed innovative and technological growth companies.
Among the founders of Vidmizer: Bertrand Fredenucci. Chief Scaling Officer. A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, Bertrand has developed more than 20 web companies.

The co-founders

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5 Parvis Alan Turing 75,013 Paris