Become your own media

To shorten the consumer decision process and to position oneself well, it is essential to produce attractive video content in terms of volume.

A long-term solution

Today many professionals say they have difficulty producing video in volume (time, cost, resources ...).

Vidmizer helps you create content and plan your publications according to your objectives over the year.


Video package to cover all topics

20 videos shot, produced, scripted and adapted to your objectives.

Shooting days and provision of rushes or access to image banks

Video creation platform

Illustrate your stories in a unique way

We collaborate with video editing tool suites to automate the post-production phase. By combining these tools with the video project functionality of the VideoEngage platform, you are sure to save time!

Broadcasting via the VideoEngage platform

Disseminated according to your strategy by integrating best practices.

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  • "The Vidmizer solution saves us time and allows us to manage all the technical and marketing aspects of video broadcasting. This allows us to focus on the essentials and develop our brand. ┬╗


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